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Tailored Design

Altman + Barrett never repeats a design, each project is tailored specifically to the client's needs, budgets, culture, and constraints. From the earliest phases of programming and development, we work directly with the client and community to create a strong concept that guides each step of the project. We meet with stakeholders throughout the entire process to ensure all needs are met at all stages, and will continue to revisit each detail until the client is satisfied.

The image shown depicts a revision conducted to ensure the façade worked within the client's aesthetic vision, where the preliminary design included modern aspects that Altman + Barret reworked to fit within the traditional character the client hoped to invoke.

one size does not fit all

When designing for a school, Altman + Barrett takes careful consideration to create a balanced environment that supports development and learning at all stages of development.

We devote time in refining the details to ensure that all students can function and feel welcomed in a space. We believe in providing the tools for children to build and express themselves start with their built environment. We expect children to use our spaces in unintended ways, so we design with versatility in mind.

Altman + Barrett understands that one size does not fit all so we strive to provide spaces that encompasses a range of developmental stages, abilities, and cultures. We like to encourage curiosity and creativity within our buildings. Our top priority is supporting the curriculum and creating a space that makes the lives of the end users better.

In Middle and High school classroom environments, we aim to create a space that feels mature and engaging.  We utilize school colors to bolster community pride; incorporate an accent color on the main teaching wall to help pull attention; provide any combination of computer carts, digital interfaces, storage, and furniture that the school prefers. Our goal is to build a learning environment tailored specifically to the needs of each school, and to facilitate a space equipped to adapt to all types of educational activities. Due to this tailored approach, our designs are never repeated.