Bleckley Primary School

Project Description:

This project consists of site development and the construction of a new primary school. It also includes football stadium improvements with accessory buildings, track and field complex improvements, tennis complex improvements, and bus barn improvements.

The construction of the new primary school will occur on the same site as the existing Bleckley County Primary School, Bleckley County Board of Education office, and Bleckley County Football Stadium.

Services Rendered:

For every project, Altman + Barrett Architects tailors its services to the needs of the client. For Bleckley County Primary, services rendered include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Master Planning
  • Site Study and Selection
  • Programming Preliminary/Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documentation
  • Construction Administration
Project Information:
Date Completed:
Square Footage:
Project Type:
Bleckley County Schools
Cochran, Georgia
January 2022
90,059 SF
New Construction
A Comprehensive Plan
After many iterations, a compressive plan formed that aligned with the needs of Bleckley County while maintaining a safe and effective building layout.
Bleckley County Standards
Altman + Barrett Architects worked closely with the Bleckley County team across all phases of the project to ensure all elements fell within the Bleckley County Standards, and reflected the vision of the community.
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